About Us

ModemSupply.com is a supplier of NEW OEM ADSL2+
Gateways for CLEC’s, ILEC’s, ISP’s, Shops, Service Tech’s &┬áHospitality Industry.

Our modems are BroadCom Chipset, NEW ADSL2+ with 18 month warranty in both single port and 4 port WIFI with no quantity minimum for ordering. We can OEM them with your logo IN and ON the units as well as custom firmware defaults. Press RESET & YOUR network settings come back and not some random factory defaults. Ship with your language & power supply.

RUN ON ANY DSL NETWORK!┬áSet your VPI/VCI, PPPoE, oA, BRIDGE, MER or STATIC PVC/ATM settings. AT&T, Qwest, SWBell, Frontier, SBCGlobal, BellSouth, Verizon & Others Even Resellers, Aggregators & International such as Canada & Australia all run fine because you can set the VPI/VCI/ATM settings, even in the Single port MS41p1. Excellent for the hospitality industry as “ROAMING” access points.